Liv’s Recovery Kitchen

28th September 2016 0

Liv’s Recovery Kitchen By author and Nutrition and Recovery Advocate, Olivia Pennelle What if I told you that you could make the early days of your recovery easier? We arrive into recovery damaged; not only […]

Why Yoga has a key part in the recovery process

27th September 2016 0

“Yoga is for everyone and at any time” Jacqui Sinclair, yoga teacher, explains Y12SR, a system that combines yogic and Twelve Step principles. One of the main tenets of yoga is the recognition that we […]

How I became my Father……A drunk

23rd September 2016 0

To coincide with the 5th  REEL Recovery Film festival and symposia, we publish an excerpt from the new  book by  William G. Borchert  – Writer of My Name is Bill W Bill will be in […]

Mindfulness Addiction & Recovery

21st September 2016 0

Mindfulness Addiction & Recovery By Elizabeth Hearn  Mindfulness addresses the most pressing characteristic of addiction disconnection at the deepest level of the human mind and heart. “The sound of silence is so accurate” -Mark Rothko […]

Letting Go of the Need to Control

20th September 2016 0

Letting Go of the Need to Control… as easy as 1,2,3 By Chula Goonewardene “I mean no disrespect to those who do, but I do not believe in an omnipotent God-like higher power that can ‘care’ for […]

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