DB Recovery Resources – Misreporting again

Deirdre Boyd, the embittered and disgraced former editor of Intervene and CEO of The Addiction Recovery Foundation (ARF), through her DB Recovery Resources “rag” continues to trade off false information. 


Deirdre Boyd resigned from the ARF after the trustees became aware of significant misappropriation of funds. In the wake of her departure she set out to discredit former trustees that, unbeknown to them, had been funding Deirdre to continue the foundations groundbreaking work, whilst neither HMRC nor Network Rail, their landlord, had  been paid for over a year and agreed payment plans had been reneged on. 


Boyd, through her “news” letter has today reported that Simone Dean has issued demand letters on behalf of Intervene and we would like to confirm that this most certainly is not the case.  Simone Dean, Gavin Coopers sister, is not connected to this publication. 


Stephen Dean, our newly appointed Director has in fact been assessing the phenomenal potential for this publication and similar marketing platforms and will be issuing a press release in the coming days. 


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