Why My Mothers Addiction Saved My Life

16th November 2016 0

Why My Mothers Addiction Saved My Life By Jacqueline Cooper “I keep having these moments where I feel like I am exactly where I’m supposed to be. I just want to grab as many of […]

Is Anger an Addiction?

15th November 2016 0

Is Anger an Addiction ? Mike Fisher presents his own thoughts regarding the above question based on many years of personal experience of being addicted to anger and working with others similarly addicted. The question […]

Alcohol-Related Brain Damage – ARBD

14th November 2016 1

Alcohol-Related Brain Damage – ARBD Recovery Practitioner Dan Mushens speak to Jim Duffy about the day he lost his job, living with alcohol-related brain damage and how it needn’t be a life sentence. “Although I’ve […]

Re-framing the Phrase ‘I am an Addict’

10th November 2016 0

Re-framing the Phrase ‘I am an Addict’ – Strength and Hope in Recovery via Identity and Identification  By Chula Goonewardene ‘My name is Chula, and I am an addict’…my experience has taught me, can be quite […]

Working With Narrative in Recovery

8th November 2016 0

Virginia Graham outlines how the narratives of Holocaust Literature offer Spiritual and Therapeutic Perspectives within the context of her Counselling Practice. My work as a counsellor involves listening to many stories. Clients narrate their circumstances, […]

Assessing Teens Part 2

8th November 2016 0

Assessing Teens Part 2 Elizabeth Escobar Highlights Key Treatment Considerations for Those Working with Adolescent Clients Assessing teens for an appropriate level of care, as well as addressing treatment issues once admitted, is both a […]

The True cost of Taking Drugs

7th November 2016 0

The true cost of taking drugs Marked increase in young people who have developed depressive and anxiety disorders as a result of drug use 25% of chronic paranoid psychoses is marijuana-induced Young people focus on […]

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